School workshop in Germany! To understand the connection between energy and CO2 emissions

In a small town in Saxony called Kohren-Salis: students play the game "Keep cool", it is a kind of nard game to understand the connection between the way to produce energy with the CO2 emissions on a global view. Part of our #sameworld workshops implemented in Germany by arche noVa e.V. Find #educational activities in[...]

Humanitas’s beautiful materials. A selection of their global education workshops.

Humanitas, our partner from Slovenia, has a very complete offer workshop. This currently includes 16 modules, which are divided into four subject areas: Product and materials to accompany us every day; On the impact of media, consumer society and capitalism; About our (not) understanding of the global challenges and concepts; On intercultural relations, friendship and[...]
Same world edu

Italian teachers meet Same World Edukit!

Istituto Oikos is working for making teachers aware on Same World Edukit (http://edu-kit.sameworld.eu/), a multimedia online kit designed to bring environmental sustainability in theschools. So far Istituto Oikos presented the kit in two schools: in the I.I.S. Cartesio (high secondary school) in Milan on April, 11th in which 16 teachers and the headmaster attended, and[...]