Educational Platform

The SAME World project offers free activities especially dedicated to teachers, educators and parents who want to know more about Environmental Justice, Climate Change, Environmental migration and want to find out better ways to convey these issues to children and young people.

Available in 12 languages!



The Educational kit will provide teachers (but also trainers, educators, NGOs and youth groups) with a simple yet comprehensive teaching tool, in order to facilitate the inclusion of social and environmental issues in the teaching curricula; to raise awareness of what global environmental citizenship is and empower youth to put theory into practice; to convey scientific information and environmental knowledge to their pupils in an entertaining and appealing way.

The Kit will include 12 educational units, with school activities to use in class, described step by step, and expert contribution on the project topics. The kit will be available here for free download soon: stay connected to find out more!

Dear Teacher: this kit if for you!


We are currently designing a Blended course (online and face to face) on these topics, with modules designed by educators and experts from 10 different EU Countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain).
The face to face sessions will help teachers, parents and educators get into the issues in an engaging way, with a tutor in their own language. The online sessions, which will be available in English on this page , will offer everyone the opportunity to learn and find out more about the topics, and at their own pace!

The e-learning platform will include video-lessons, a forum, downloadable material and other links to useful resources: stay connected to find out more!

The blended course will start next school year, in September/October.

If you are a teacher, a parent or an educator and you are interested in participating in the course, get in contact with us to know more!